Orthobroker International

Orthobroker is a specialist in development and sales of orthopaedic braces, supports and post-operative bandages.
We develop, produce and commercialise braces and bandages for national and international customers. Products from Orthobroker are sold in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Morocco and Belgium.

Our BraceID® range of orthopaedic braces and supports is available to our clients. On the other hand, Orthobroker will also produce products on customer's demand. We provide you the full service package, including CE-marking.


Orthobroker Belgium

This part of the Website is for Orthobroker’s domestic customers. In Belgium we sell our brand BraceID®, a range of braces and supports, directly to the local O&P shops and hospitals.





partner in orthopaedic braces, orthotics and bandages