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Orthobroker designs and manufactures innovative orthopedic braces, orthoses and prostheses. With our decades of experience in the paramedical and orthopedic sector, we are the perfect partner for hospitals and orthopedic specialists.

BraceID® – Orthopedic bandages, orthoses and braces are our expertise!


Quality orthopedic bandages, orthoses and braces. Comfortable and correct fit guaranteed.

OrthoSOLID® – Software Platform for 3D Printed Orthoses!

With the online OrthoSOLID® platform you can create customised 3D-printed orthoses and  prostheses effortlessly.

Real quality for real specialists

Since 2009, Orthobroker has been producing bandages, braces and orthoses for hospitals and orthopedic specialists all over the world.

Thanks to our extensive experience and focus on innovation, you will find high-quality orthopedic products tailored to your target group.


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Orthobroker manages all processes from R&D, production and quality control, to customer service. This enables us to respond quickly to our customers’ specific needs.

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This is how we innovate our product range of supports, braces, orthoses and prostheses together.

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