Welcome to Orthobroker

Orthobroker is a specialist in the development and sales of orthopaedic and post-operative braces, orthoses and bandages. We design, produce and commercialise the BraceID® range for customers in our home market and abroad.
Besides the prefabricated articles we now have a new product line of 3D printed orthoses, named OrthoSOLID®. You can find more information about it a little further on this page.

Orthobroker Belgium

Our commercial focus is primarily on professional orthopaedic technologists, orthotists and prosthetists. Also for emergency services and orthopaedic consultations in hospitals. Our BraceID® product line includes orthopaedic supports, orthoses and immobilisation bandages.

Please visit www.braceid.com to get a complete product overview.

Our main benefit is that we manage all processes from R&D through production, quality inspection to customer service & care. This gives us extra flexibility and allows Orthobroker to respond rapidly to the specific needs of customers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions for product improvements or a new product development.

Software Platform for 3D-printed Orthoses

OrthoSOLID® is Orthobroker’s new, unique and intuitive online platform for creating an orthoses or prosthetic sockets. By scanning the limb and the easy interaction with the platform. Then the 3D model is printed with an HP MultiJet Printer.
Go to www.orthosolid.com for more information.


Designer of Orthopaedic Devices