Sternshield is a thorax harness designed to provide total protection to the patient recovering from a surgical procedure located at the sternum (cardiac surgery or chest surgery). Thanks to the patented Double Action design, the harness works in two ways:

Sternshield changes immediately from an elastic to a non-elastic armor when the patient pulls the specially designed handles.

Sternshield was developed with extra attention for maximum ease of use and comfort. That’s why it’s light, fully customizable and easy to use (even without help, see steps 1-4). As Sternshield does not contain hard parts, it does not limit the patient.

Sternshield is made of high quality material that does not irritate the skin. For practical reasons, Sternshield can best be worn on clothes (t-shirt). It is recommended to wear Sternshield during the recovery period 24/7.

Wash Instructions: Close the Velcro. Machine wash at 30 ° C or wash wash in lukewarm water and with a mild detergent. Allow to dry at room temperature.

  • As an elastic armor, Sternshield offers a constant, sturdy and comfortable chest support throughout the entire post-operative period. It ensures a safe, fast and easy recovery.
  • As a non-elastic armor, Sternshield offers additional protection by ensuring that the chest can not move when the patient needs it. For example, during coughing, laugh or effort.
80-90 cm90-100 cm100-110 cm110-120 cm120-130 cm130 cm +

Step 1: Loosen all 3 Velcro fasteners. (One on the base band and on each of the shoulder straps one too).

Step 2: Apply the armor in the same way as a T-shirt or vest, and place the handles of the armor on the front of the chest.

Step 3: Adjust the base of the harness to fit well.

Step 4: Adjust the two shoulder straps to fit properly. The harness should be placed at the top of the chest.

Step 5: Sternshield functions as an elastic armor at the moment and gives the chest a sturdy and comfortable support that does not interfere with the respiration and can be adjusted through the base band.

Step 6: When the handles are pulled towards each other, it acts as a non-elastic harness, so the chest can no longer move when coughing, mucus formation and effort.