A further development of the tried and tested Pluspoint II, even lighter and more comfortable, nevertheless stable and effective.

New design extremely light and stable

The Pluspoint 3 frame is made of a special aluminium alloy. In combination with the new design it offers the user a stronger brace, and lighter in weight.

  • High torque strength providing excellent stability
  • Good cuff flexibility for easy size adjustments

Rounded corners at the thigh cuff frame ensure a better fit. Cuff padding is somewhat wider than the metal frame for increased patient comfort.

The soft, reflecting-free matt paint coating guarantees a discrete and decent appearance.

Reliable brace with a very flat profile

A polycentric hinge with a modern, ultra-thin design (15 mm). The proof of quality is available because of its long term use.
This hinge can be easily opened to manage a quick setting or adjustment of the range of motion.

New closure system to ensure a perfect fit

The new closure system is using modern materials: hook straps are made of a special, flexible plastic and therefore easier to handle. The flexible brackets are trapezoidal and rotate over a limited range. These innovations make that the feeding and securing of the straps is going more convenient for the patient. Straps also adjust better to the altering leg contours when muscles contract.

No more shifting of the brace

A skin-friendly, multi-grip coating on the padding provides a premium non-slip effect. It results in holding the brace better in place. The thigh and calf cuff padding is being attached with flat snaps on the metal frame. Therefore, it is not required anymore to use adhesive Velcro®, which caused problems from time to time, in the past . This technical innovation with the press buttons makes it easier and quicker to remove the padding for cleaning and maintenance. The padding also contains elevated areas at strategic locations that fit in the frame holes. This keeps the padding better in place.

Anatomically shaped condyle pad

A specially shaped medial condyle pad ensures an optimum fixation. The shape of this pad contours well around the knee condyle and holds the brace better in place. Moreover, the brace contains 2 sets of condyle pads in different thicknesses, which allow a simple fitting and adjustment of the brace (i.e. after the swelling of the knee reduces, some adjustments are often required)


  • Instabilities and ruptures of ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL or combined instabilities
  • Complex instabilities of the knee joint, traumatic or degenerative
  • Pre/Post-operative therapy, rehabilitative or conservative, of the aforementioned injuries
  • Protection of the ligaments when doing sports

Size table and reference codes.

Size (in cm)SMLXLXXL
Tigh circum 15cm above39/4747/5353/6060/6767/75