Since 2009, Orthobroker has been known as a specialist in high-quality products for the orthopaedic and paramedical sector. Hospitals, orthopaedic specialists and medical wholesalers approach us for bandages, braces, orthoses and prostheses.

With our extensive knowledge of the international market and our focus on innovation, we respond quickly to the needs of our customers.

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Quality Guaranteed

Orthopaedic specialists demand high-quality products with the best fit and made of high-quality materials. For this reason, we monitor the conditions of our products very strictly.

We develop our own products, control the production process and ensure CE marking. All our bandages, braces, orthoses and prostheses are certified in accordance with ISO 13485. So you are asured to get the best quality guarantee.

Our Products


Orthotists, prosthetists and hospitals can come to us for prefabricated orthoses and braces from our own product line BraceID.


Benefits of BraceID®

  • Use of comfortable fabrics and materials
  • Anatomically correct and well-fitting design
  • Excellent support for all body parts
  • High effectiveness and patient satisfaction

OrthoSOLID ®

OrthoSOLID® is an online platform that allows you, as an orthopaedic specialist, to quickly and easily create a high-quality 3D-printed orthopaedic deviceadjusted to the patient’s requirements.


Benefits of OthoSOLID®

  • Simple measurement taken via scan
  • Fast production through innovative 3D technology
  • 100% tailored to the patient
  • Subtle design and strong material
  • Access to digital archive of manufactured products

Other orthopaedic products (for Belgium)

Exclusively in Belgium, we distribute a number of unique products from other manufacturers, such as:

  • Pluspoint III 4-Point Knee Brace from Orthoservice
  • SternShield Sternum Support Harnas
  • Orthopaedic materials for customisation
Looking for a specific orthopaedic product?

Outside Belgium

For countries outside Belgium, we cooperate with local distributors.

Find a distributor in your area?

Contact us at+32 33 851 075 or

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