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OrthoSOLID® is a unique online platform for the orthesist and prosthetist who wants to make the transition to additive manufacturing (AM or 3D printing) in a simple, yet professional way. It is Orthobroker’s goal to make this transition accessible to every professional in the sector.


Our software makes the process accessible by translating craftsmanship into a digitized environment, without violating the core values of the professional.


OrthoSOLID® creates and supplies solutions for 3D printed orthoses and prosthestic sockets (in a different way compared to other providers in the market), and delivers the impetus for making personalized, custom-made devices efficiently in large numbers in the future.

OrthoSOLID® is an intuitive, user-friendly and accessible software which enables an orthotist or prosthetist with solid patient and professional knowledge, to working with it in a convenient way.
You will generally find the current professional workflow back in the different steps of the creation process. Because adjustments can be made at different levels or stages, OrthoSOLID® allows you to create exactly what is important to your patient. This way, your patient is getting an orthosis with a unique design and numerous specific advantages.


OrthoSOLID® provides you intuitive software and innovative orthoses that keeps taking traditional biomechanical principles into account. After making the scan and uploading it in OrthoSOLID®, product creation takes place through interaction with the platform. This procedure makes milling for mould production unnecessary. Our software is able to propose the correct fit of an orthosis on the body part to be processed. In addition, the technology allows you to make simple shape adjustments via the platform.
We print with HP MultiJet powder bed printers initially, and depending on the product to be produced, we opt for PA11, PA12 or TPU plastics. These plastics can be modified slightly afterwards by heating.
Except for parts that maybe have to be put together, the product you will receive from Orthobroker will be almost completely finished. Accessories such as fixation straps should be added.

Your benefits by using OrthoSOLID®



The intuitive nature of the software platform


Time savings due to accurate scanning instead of using plaster fitting and plaster mould techniques


Maintaining control over the product creation processes


Production time is simplified and faster


The patient receives a well-fitting and comfortable splint with a modern and unique design


Ideas and treatment methods that were previously impossible or difficult to implement are now applicable


By using OrthoSOLID® products you’re bringing back a smile on your patients’ faces again

For detailed information regarding products and working method, please refer to the respective pages on our website www.orthosolid.com .
If you need additional information, please contact us via info@orthobroker.com .